About ENVY Lifestyle

Meet Cobus - He is your Airbnb (super) Host and personal concierge. Cobus started ENVY in 2017 after having built a name for himself in the Boutique Hotel industry. Cobus lives by the maxim of "never a number on a screen, but always an individual".

Cobus loves sharing anything and everything to do with Cape Town; from restaurants, day trips in the wine country, adrenaline rushed activities to taking a personal day at one of the many beautiful Spa's in the city.

ENVY Lifestyle is Cobus' brainchild; some might even say it's his favorite out of them all. ENVY is an extension of his personality, his being, his soul and many years of hard work that he put into building meaningful connections throughout the city.

ENVY does not want to change the lifestyle of our clients; "we're here to enhance the lifestyle that you've already worked to build for yourself."

We're proud of our fresh approach to products and services being made available in Cape Town and we're here to create memorable moments, each time.