ENVY SME Concierge Service

With ENVY Lifestyle's Small-to-Medium Enterprise Concierge Service we ensure that you have the time and the space to focus as the important business at hand all while having the ENVY Team focuses on handling the background noise behind the scenes. Ensuring that your days in the office are just that much more productive.

SME Concierge Services

Flight & Hotel Bookings

ENVY Lifestyle have partnered with local travel agencies to provide you with a bespoke travel service. We provide our SME clients with tailor-made flights and hotel bookings no matter where they're jetting off to next....

Concierge service cape town

Rental Cars, Airport Transfers & Chauffeurs

With so many rental car agencies and so many options, it's difficult to make a decision on what to book and where to book. Let ENVY take the hassle away from booking a rental car. Contact us for chauffeur driven options and airport transfers. We do it all!

Private Concierge service

Reservations & Small Event Assistance

Need a last minute reservation at a local hotspot to entertain your client or do you need to arrange an office desk for the day with a meeting room? Call on the ENVY team to arrange a local office in any of South Africa's major cities.



In case you are on the fence about making ENVY Lifestyle part of your office space, consider our services as an investment that is specifically designed to pay for itself by providing several extremely valuable benefits, including:


We are busy people today and many struggle with time management throughout the day to accomplish all of our personal and professional tasks. Concierge services thus are the reasonable option that simplifies our lives by helping us to accomplish our tasks and allows us to carve out residual time for ourselves and/or things that matter the most.

Increased Productivity

Let’s face it, when we do not have to worry about so many demands, the odds favorably suggest that we can focus more closely on our main priorities. This focus allows us to strive for added productivity that oftentimes leaves us feeling great about our accomplishments.

Enhanced Support System

An old African Proverb reads “…it takes a village!” We offer a dependable support system to help you navigate and manage the daily rigors of life, to achieve the lifestyle that we desire. All it takes is a phone call or an email request and you can rest assured that the ENVY team will be there to assist.